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Landry Watson | Boise, Idaho

Drummer and TV & Movie Enthusiast

Landry Watson, from Boise, Idaho, is a drummer, guitarist, singer, songwriter and technology expert with years of experience in music and tech. He has worked various roles within IT but has also had experience making music for others with his site Pro Session Drumming, which he owns and operates. 

Landry Watson began his career after attending Northwest Nazarene University in Nampa, Idaho. There, Landry studied General Education with a Kinesiology Emphasis. After attending university, Landry decided to change courses a bit and began working in technology as a Technical Solutions Representative (Tier 2) for HP Computers in Boise, ID. He was in charge of troubleshooting, providing user administration support, and application software support. 

Landry quickly gained many technological skills and decided to branch out and create his Pro Session Drumming site and company. Landry Watson is the Owner and Operator of the website that provides clients with a place to receive custom drum tracks. Landry built and designed the site and has successfully managed an advertising campaign that has resulted in a nation-wide customer base.  

With Pro Session Drumming, Landry communicates with clients to successfully create a drum track that fits the vision they have for their song or songs. He can provide either a full drum kit stereo mix or individual tracks to the client within 48 hours after deciding how the drum track should sound. Landry Watson has run this site since 2011 and continues to create tracks for his clients today.  

In 2013, Landry Watson decided to go back into IT and began a role at Experis (Hewlett Packard) in Boise, Idaho as a Test Technician 3. He worked on maintaining firmware tests and performing troubleshooting on printer hardware and software issues.  Landry continued to further expand his technology support skills in this role and those that came after. 

After working at Experis for four years, Landry Watson became a Desktop Support Technician and later a Test Technician 3. In 2017 he began working as the Desktop Support Technician for HCL America in Boise, where he was responsible for connecting computer workstations, peripherals, and phone equipment. As a Test Technician 3 for Aquent LLC, Landry maintained and updated test cases for new and sustaining projects.

Now, Landry Watson works in Boise, Idaho as the IT Field Support for FlexTechs. He provides support for in-house application systems and troubleshooting for all end-user desktops, handhelds, input devices, and output devices. Landry also gives support to those working with Microsoft Office and Adobe.

Aside from music and technology, Landry has a passion for other forms of entertainment such as TV and movies as well as practicing Jeet Kune Do and Kali/Escrima. It’s no surprise that his favorite movies are martial arts and action movies. Landry Watson also likes watching YouTube videos and Netflix shows in his free time. He enjoys exercising, lifting weights, listening to audiobooks, hiking, fishing, camping, and heading to the ocean. Landry loves to discover new music and some of his favorite bands include Interpol and Kings of Leon.