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Landry Watson Tv Facts

The television has been one of the greatest inventions of humankind and has provided countless hours of entertainment. Today, manufacturers are making great strides in improving the TV by making the display foldable and creating transparent screens. 

However, not a lot of people know a lot of information about this electronic device. As it has been over 90 years since the invention of the television, let’s take a look at four interesting facts:

  • The creator of electronic television wasn’t a fan of watching TV.

Philo Farnsworth is the one credited to inventing the first-ever fully-functioning electronic television. With the help of his scanning tube on September 7, 1927, he transmitted the first television signal. However, he wasn’t a massive fan of this device and prevented his family from watching on it. 

  • High definition isn’t new terminology.

The high definition you know today is incredible and allows you to see each blade of grass with mindblowing clarity. However, this word made its appearance way back in 1936. Although the quality isn’t the same, it is interesting to know how the perception of humans changed over time.

  • The first person to transmit an image.

Although there are several people who worked on the TV during the late 19th century, John Logie Baird is an important figure in its history. Despite not being the one who invented this device, he used a ventriloquist’s dummy to transmit the first image. Elated about his discovery, he went to the media to show-off his work. However, the news editor refused to believe that it was even possible to transmit images wirelessly.

  • History of TV commercials.

A lot of people don’t like watching advertisements on TV. The first time a commercial made its appearance on this device was on July 1, 1941. It was between a baseball game between Brooklyn and Philadelphia, and Bulova watches paid $9 to air it. Chevrolet is the first company to create a commercial for their car on television on June 9, 1946.