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When you sit down to watch a movie along with your friends on the weekend, your streaming provider recommends a blockbuster as per your preference. Have you ever thought about how that happens? The advancement in technologies such as Artificial Intelligence, Virtual and Augmented Reality, and Blockchain is fast changing the face of the entertainment industry.

 Artificial Intelligence in entertainment 

The media and entertainment industries are tapping the potential of Artificial Intelligence (AI) in three categories – personalized user content, advertising and marketing, and search optimization. Machine learning algorithms are utilized to understand and create a personalized and on-demand user experience and precision-targeted advertisements. Movie trailers can be created using an AI algorithm, which are also leveraged to read user-specific visual content to optimize, organize, and hasten the search process.

Blockchain to secure your entertainment assets

Piracy and copyright infringement are the two major issues faced by the entertainment industry. Similarly, the artists do not get their fair share of profits as it goes to distribution or publishing companies and studios – who are the middlemen. 

Blockchain has the potential to eliminate those middlemen, increase the transparency of transactions, and record all the finances in chronological order. Since it’s encrypted, the content cannot be changed or faked. 

The artists can protect their digital content – music or videos – by directly contacting their fans and allowing them to download digital content. Similarly, digital content and all transactions related to it are recorded automatically in the blockchain. So the rightful owner can keep track of these transactions. 

Virtual and Augmented Reality reshaping the entertainment industry

Virtual reality shows a view that is completely artificial and shuts out the actual picture. Augmented reality adds elements and does not block out the original view. Both of these technologies can be used individually or together. These are widely used today in movie genres such as animation and science fiction. It makes the world of animation and science fiction almost life-like. The technology hence ramps up the visual effects and make them seem real.