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Landry Watson Boise Id Second Season Curse

Everyone involved in making TV shows put in immense amounts of effort to ensure it is a hit among their audience. The casting directors have to make sure they hire the right actors so that they are a perfect match for the characters of the series. On top of that, the scriptwriters have to make a compelling story, which spans over several episodes.

After putting in all the hard work for the first season and tasting immense success, it becomes much harder to follow up on their act. For the ones responsible for creating the show, they must ensure that they provide a similar experience to their audience. On top of that, people expect the second season to be as good or better than the second one. 

Shows with a disappointing second season

Even if it lacks in certain areas, the fans won’t be happy, and it will receive severe backlash from the community. Take a look at UnREAL and Westworld, two shows which were extremely popular among the masses. They had a cult following, and everyone praised the brilliance of the first series. However, after watching a handful of episodes of the second season, it was clear that it wasn’t even close to the first one.

The challenges of creating the second season

It is hard for scriptwriters to come up with an excellent formula for every season, which is an uphill task. Also, in the industry, it is common to create shows for the first season by doing everything possible to make it interesting. They ensure the audience gets to know the story and forms emotional connections with the characters.

While it may seem like pulling all stops is an excellent plan, it doesn’t work. Trying to beat themselves at their game is much harder than you can imagine.

Take a look at The Americans, which performed decently in its debut season. In the second season, they started to explore the themes, storytelling, and characters, which allowed it to stay on the air for several years. 

While the second season might be disappointing, that doesn’t mean you should stop watching it. The reason is that it gives the creators an opportunity to improve the series and make it a fan-favorite in the future!